Thursday, March 01, 2012

Huffington Post and Mainstream Media Protect Breitbart Even In Death

If you  want to know really how the world is run just take a look at the comments and the censoring of comments on the death of Andrew Breitbart by the Huffington Post and the Mainstream Media..  Breitbart was an arrogant self absorbed Corporate Fascist Loser!  He thought that anyone who wasn't wealthy like him and didn't believe in his myopic viewpoint of the world was worthless.  His spastic attack in public over the Occupy Movement caught on camera for all the world to see showed how he really thought and behaved about the lesser folks of the universe.

If some progressive would have behaved like that in public they would have been destroyed but it was okay for Brietbart because he was a Conservative.  When Ted Kennedy died Breitbart said this: 1) Kennedy was a special pile of human excrement 2) Rest in Chappaquiddick 3) A Big Ass Motherfucker and a Duplicitous Bastard! Now the "blowjobs" in the media including the great Con Artist Ariana  Huffington and others in the Mainstream Suckathon admire his passion etc.

I wonder how the people of Acorn feel about his death since he hired the little fairy James O'Keefe to selectively edit video to make them look bad and ultimately destroyed them. Of course, there was no racism involved in this operation...right!    Breitbart also was involved with selective editing of a black female agricultural employee's speech (Shirley Sherrod). She was fired by Obama but then offered her job back after it was revealed that Breitbart had edited the video to make her look bad. She refused the job offer by Obama.   Ms Sherrod has since filed a law suit against Breitbart and his website.

Huffington and the Mainstream Media are about money!  They could care less about any of what's really going on.  It's like wrestling---it's a show.  They all go home in the same van after the match.  It's a game but Americans just don't get it.  There is very little difference between the Right and the Left or whatever these groups are calling themselves these days and the Media that cover them.

And what do I think about Breitbart's death?    Hum.....maybe there is a God after all!!!!!!! Burn in Hell Andrew....... but I doubt if there is such a place.

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