Sunday, July 17, 2011

USA Women Lose World Cup To Japan in Choke!

I will readily admit that I'm not a soccer expert but in watching the USA Women's Soccer Team lose to Japan I can only say the word: CHOKE!  I don't use this word lightly in sports like so many so called "expert journalists" do.  The people in the sports palaces of ESPN and the rest of sports' world are always using the word choke when it doesn't really apply. But to put it bluntly the USA Women's Soccer Team may be the greatest chokers in modern sports history.

It's like the NBA player who can't hit the foul shots at the end of the game and they say he choked.  Unfortunately, this is not necessarily a choke unless the guy shoots 90% for the season and then fails.  These guys usually can't hit the foul shot because they just can't shoot that well and really don't have the skill level and never seem to develop it.

In the case of the USA Women's Soccer they were playing against HOBBITS!  My god, the Japanese girls only average around 5. 4" in height!  The USA Women looked like giants compared to these girls. They were bigger, faster, stronger, more athletic, and had more skill in all areas!  Yet, they found a way to allow the Japanese Women's Soccer Team to tie the game and then beat them in overtime!

How did they lose then?  Well, there is old axiom in sports about allowing an inferior team to stay in the game, and if you do they will gain the confidence to find a magical way to beat you!  In this case perhaps the USA Women started to celebrate mentally before the game was over! I've seen this in sports all my life and in some cases the players who have this type of mentality don't have a killer instinct and think the game is over before it's really over! If I was a soccer player on this team I would be embarrassed by losing to players who could barely see over the bar in the restaurant after their team had won the game!

Well around the world there is cheering, celebration, and screaming in the underground universe of the Hobbits, because they have won and defeated the monsters of the big, bad, and evil USA.  That should be a lesson to everyone not to take little people likely. If only the goddamn US politicians could understand that.  And congrats to those cute little Japanese Hobbit showed the world baby ...yes, you did...and you deserve the Cup!

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