Monday, June 27, 2011

Obama Where Are The Jobs!

Well Obama where are the jobs?  You know all those wonderful jobs that were supposed to be created?  Well it's not going to happen and all those other jobs....they have been outsourced.  The sad part is just how stupid Obama and the Democrats really are because they could be beating the Republicans over the head with this club but just don't get it.

The Republicans and their friendly corporate empire have destroyed American jobs, wages and benefits with outsourcing.  These bastard want to pay slave wages that's what they are all about and of course, The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is all for it.  It's sad that these bastards are allowed to use the name U.S. in their title because they should have to register as a foreign corporation because they have never seen a job they did want to export.

Well Obama how's your buddy Bill Clinton doing?  You remember him don't you, Larry Summer's old friend.  You remember Summers don't you.  He gave us derivatives with Bill and also NAFTA.  How's that working out!  That really helped didn't it!  And when that 's not enough to destroy the American worker what do both sides want to do?  They want to import cheap lateral markets known as illegal immigrants.  Just listen to both the right and left and they will both tell you how much they help America.

There is a reason Cesar Chavez marched against illegal immigration and that's because he knew what it did to his union of legal workers: it destroyed the wage base and the benefits.  Right now the hot jobs in the country are computer science majors.  But don't worry the legendary Corporate Whore Bill Gates has a plan for that and it's called H 1 B visas.  Gates and his friends have probably driven down the wages of computer scientists by at least 35 to 55% over the last 5 years.

Isn't it great everyone screams about jobs and they are lying through their teeth. The low life scientifically illiterate Republicans scream that environmental regulations are costing jobs while they outsource everything. The sad fact is that these polluting bastards are the ones that are really costing jobs because of the damage to our streams, rivers, lakes and oceans.  Fishing, hunting, and tourism are some of the largest industries for most states and they are killing these people.  But that's okay because the only fucking jobs these idiots are interested in, are those of their corporate pimps who are sure to pay these whores in Congress for their work against America.

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