Friday, January 21, 2011

Obama Appoints G.E. CEO Jeffrey Immelt and Gives More Control of America to Corporations.

I'm still wondering how long it will take for the likes of Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann and the rest of so called “Progressive America” to finally wake up to the fact that President Obama is nothing but a “Corporate Lackey” and a total fraud. Obama has now appointed Republican and General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt to serve as Chair of the President's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. Check just about every appointment that Obama has made and you will immediately realize that Corporate America, Israel and The Military Industrial Complex own this so called “Avatar of Change!”

General Electric is part of the Military Industrial Complex and one of the world's great polluters. They will now have even more ability to destroy what is left of America and the middle class. General Electric is a U.S. Chamber of Commerce's dream by outsourcing jobs and cheap labor. With the appointment of Immelt Corporate America will be calling more of the shots for a President who is basically afraid of the Lunatic Republicans who continue to push him so far out of the mainstream of America by calling him a Socialist. Obama may be the saddest excuse for a president during my lifetime. He is Corporate America's greatest sucker this country has ever known. General Electric made a fortune by selling products and services to China but paid no income taxes on it. In fact, General Electric paid 0$ in income tax for the year 2010!!!!!!! I wonder if everyone could zero out their tax returns what this country would do! As some corporate fascist bastard once said, “taxes are for the rest of America!”

Obama is one of the great “Corporate Fascists” enablers of all time. He doesn't understand even the fundamentals of how corporations have manipulated the entire process. And what is Labor in America going to do about it? Not a damn thing! Because American Labor in this country is dead. The Republicans have worked for years to destroy it and the Democrats won't stand up for it. It's over! Pure and simple Obama continues to put the final nails in the coffins of American workers and no one in the mainstream media will take them on. The mainstream media by their very nature are nothing more than a mouthpiece for these corporations.

Instead Immelt and the Corporate Elite will continue to blame it on Unions and that's the reason that America is in such bad shape. This constant disinformation disseminated by the Right Wing, The Media, and Redneck America has many uninformed Americans thinking that it's true. They are just too stupid to look at what Corporate America is doing. It's simple strategy for stupid Americans: Divide and Conquer! Only 1 in 10 Americans belong to a labor union. The unions have been destroyed by Corporate America, the Republican Party, Corporate Whoring Economists and the mainstream press. America's middle class had its greatest days when labor unions were strong in America. Obama's appointment of G.E. CEO Immelt is the final stamp of approval from the President who should be known as “America's Number One Corporate Lackey.”

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