Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Obama, Labor and the Middle Class

Obama promised labor he would be different. He promised labor he would restore their rights. He promised the Unions that they would have a say in their destiny.  Labor embraced him and gave him the needed victories in many states that brought him to the presidency.  So it’s been three months into his administration and what has the President who promised the labor unions and the middle class their dignity come up with.......SCREW THE LABOR MOVEMENT AND UNIONS!

The Employee Free Choice Act would allow the labor unions to bargain on an even playing field appears to be dead on arrival!   Obama has said nothing while the corporate whore of a senator the infamous, Senator Feinstein from California who was actually a cosponsor of the original bill is now against it.  It appears that the Obama and the dems are still owned by the corporate fascist Chamber of Commerce of the US and other industry groups.

Obama has done what he said he wouldn’t do...he has basically funded the corporations while screwing the middle class and labor.  Now even some of the middle class tax breaks are in jeopardy as democratic senators and congressman are given their marching orders from lobbyists of industry.

To all those out there who thought Obama would be different they were mistaken.  He is owned  by the same people who owned Bush and his gang.  It’s the American Way!  Corporations own America and no matter what the electorate says, the corporations never lose!

Perhaps the only method of getting these people’s attention is to do what is going in Europe from marches to holding executives hostage.  But that will never happen in America,  the land of sheep who believe in “magic leaders.”  Their lives are being destroyed and still they sit and hope for change while the corporations will never allow it to happen.  And Obama......well the middle class just got screwed again.  Did you really think you had a chance!

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