Monday, October 01, 2007

Rush Limbaugh: I'll Say It To Your Fucking Face!

I’ll say it to your face Rush: "You are a fucking draft dodging Chicken Hawk Drug User 3 times divorced flag waving fucking Coward!” Now why don’t you sue me…Viagra Man! Americans have had enough of your low life attacks against soldiers, and people who disagree with your fucked up homophobic, lunatic, Right-Wing and limited understanding of the war, mankind, and the whole fucking Universe.

There are few people in civilized nations of the world who are as stupid as you are. And perhaps only in America could you conjure up an audience for draft dodgers like yourself who have the idiocy to question anyone’s patriotism. What it says is that there are lots of low life Chicken Hawk fucking cowards like your self out there!

Why don’t you just jump off a fucking cliff and be done with it because most of us in America are tired of your flag waving antics and stupidity. That’s it Viagra Man…do something for society because you don’t deserve to breathe the oxygen that little kids need to survive on this planet. There is only one phony nation out there dickhead and you are the leader of this phony nation of cowards, draft dodgers, hypocrites, lunatics, idiots, and losers!

You didn’t have the balls to go to the military because you had a boil on our ass! I want to know was that boil--- your fucking head! Because you are all asshole and your head just seeps puss everyday of your life….it’s called your stupid phony rhetoric!

Sinclair Lewis had a great quote about cowards like you:

“When Fascism Comes to America it will be Wrapped in a Flag and Carrying a Cross.”

It’s time you and your fascist friends------- just go away loser boy! Just go away!

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