Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Wahington D.C.: District of C...s..k ..s

Well it just doesn't get any better than this. Senator Larry "I'm Not Gay" Craig now has second thoughts on resigning. I have written on this before about Washington D.C. being the hypocrite capitol of the world but they just keep the insanity coming and coming (no pun intended). The District of C...s....k..s as some people in the lobbying field have called it (like they have room to talk) is the by far the greatest concentration of losers, con artists, liars, and criminals per capita in any place in the US....and I'm talking about Congress!

What most people don't realize is that Congress has a much higher percentage of homosexuals than the American population. What is even more disturbing is that many of these so called church goers and others refuse to believe is that more of them are Republicans than Democrats. Yes, the party of "Family Values" whose platform is to beat the drums of the sins of homosexuality are the party of homosexuals....not the Democrats. The Democrats have their share but they just can't compete with the Republican Suckorama!

The sad part as I have said in other columns is that the media are to blame for this. They know where everyone hangs out in the District of C...s....k..s. and whether those bars,strip clubs, and haunts are for men or women. If these people are going to praise God and claim some moral superiority while sucking a quick one in the men's room then they deserve to be outed. The pompous arrogance of this Republican Fascist Party is beyond any political party in the history of this country.

It appears now that a few more on the Republican Suckulatorial Tour may be outed soon including one Southern Senator and a few more House members. What is even more disturbing about this is that intelligence contacts and sources that I have known for years tell me that the Republicans have protected a number of foreign diplomats (and Republican Party members) who have been pedophiles, had homosexual agendas and have willing allowed homosexual activity at the White House.

As one jaded fellow I knew who worked in D.C. for years put it: "They are all c...s....ks. That's the way this town works. You are either blowing someone in some way or your getting blown in another way. They don't call D.C. the District of C...s..k..s for nothing!"

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