Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Fascist IPHONE: Just What the Government Needed!

Well if you haven’t seen the insanity over the latest electronic gadget…the IPHONE…you must be living on Jupiter. Yes, here is the next electronic do everything that you probably don’t need to get done and it’s only $675.00 plus. But that’s just the beginning because you have your monthly charges, taxes and of course if you were to terminate your two year contract early that would be just another $175.00 or more…thank you …you’ll take two right. Did you read the fine print in this contract?

Of course you are dealing with AT& T who has one of the worst records with consumers in the last number of years concerning complaints. But I’m sure you’ll get along quite well. Here are a few more things you’ll just love about AT&T: 1) they furnished NSA with private call records and information of phone customers without their consent or knowledge. 2) They also helped in developing the wiretapping for NSA and 3) there are rumors that AT&T is now monitoring peoples’ use on their services to see where they are going for potential illegal downloads and pirating.

Of course you made a real bargain when you supported Steve Jobs and Apple too. If someone ever wrote the truth about the computer industry it would be hard to decide who has screwed consumers more Jobs or Bill Gates. Apple would constantly win in some categories for overpricing of their products by 300 to 400%.

So it’s really a nice package. I’m sure the government is really happy and wishes everyone would get an IPHONE. This way they could spy on everyone at once on their FASCIST IPHONE NETWORK. And you wonder why I think there is little hope for America.

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