Saturday, April 28, 2007

Another Republican Caught with His Dick Out!

Hypocrisy is the vaseline of political intercourse.

Billy Connolly on ABC's "Head Of the Class

Another GOP official has been caught with his pants down and his dick out! Randal Tobias, Deputy Secretary of State, was outed by the infamous D.C. Madam’s client’s list which was given to ABC news. Tobias admitted to using escort services when he was contacted by the news media but said that he was only using the expensive call girls for massages! Right! Tobias is resigning his post. Prior to his present post Tobias served as Ambassador for Bush’s Emergency Fund for Aids Relief. At that post Tobias preached the Gospel of Abstinence and Faithfulness, to bad he couldn’t take his own advice!

Once again this Bush Administration is the greatest group of hypocrites, whoremongers, criminals and sleazy bastards the world has every seen. The most amazing thing is that the media protects these clowns. The Bush administration is the most immoral criminal group of people ever to inhabit the Whitehouse. Their public media machine continually promotes the wholesomeness and integrity of the Republicans but the reality of it is that they are just the opposite.

This is the party that tried to impeach Clinton for getting fellatio from someone other than his wife and lying about it. From pedophilia to prostitution to gun running and war profiteering there is nothing they will not do. I outlined many of their sex crimes in an article last year (


This is the party that constantly beats on Hollywood for their so called “Godlessness.” The sad fact is that if movies were made about the lives of these people they would be sold in the porn section! In fact, some of their movies would be illegal.

Welcome to the latest hypocrite from the Bush Administration. Doesn’t it make you proud! The next time one of these scumballs mentions God someone in the media should kick them right in the face.


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