Friday, February 02, 2007

Wanted:Whore Scientist for $10.000 to Write An Essay Against Global Warming. Contact AEI

There are in fact two things, science and opinion; the former begets knowledge, the latter ignorance.

Hippocrates (460 BC - 377 BC)

What do the lunatics on the Right do when they find out the world’s had enough of their insane rhetoric about antiglobal warming stupidity? They place an ad and offer $10,000 to try and buy a scientist who will pen an essay or two against the mainstream scientific community. The American Enterprise Institute has done just that. And where does AEI get some of its money to support this so called think tank? You guessed it: EXXON-MOBIL!

I’ve listened to the morons and scientifically illiterate columnists and the right wing for the last few years and I’ve had enough. I get a real kick out of some of the asinine analysis and columns I read where people who have so little scientific background actually believe they understand what is going on and pontificate that globally warming or massive climate change can’t be happening because they have INVESTIGATED IT!

Wow! I also love when these right-wing lunatics like Glenn Beck bring onto his show people like Bjorn Lomborg who has been so discredited by the scientific community as fraud and an idiot, and Beck claims he is a climate expert!

Now in their last desperate grasp to continue their disinformation of science to the American populace AEI had decided to try to go out and buy someone. Here are the damn facts:

1) Climate Change and or Global Warming are occurring and we as humans are at least partially responsible for it.

2) A staggering majority of the world’s best climate and environmental scientists (probably over 96%) after viewing all the data and the best models believe it is happening. The lunatics on the Right will always find some incompetent or paid for whore scientist or two to say the opposite. Furthermore, there are few legitimate scientists who don’t believe it and that is their choice but that case can be made for any scientific study. There are a handful of scientists that don’t believe in evolution also but that doesn’t stop the process from happening.

3) The right wing lunatics don’t want Americans to believe in Global Warming because these are the same people who don’t want to stop any pollution in this country because they don’t believe it hurts anything. They don’t give a f..k that industry externalizes the costs to the public. There is also a certain portion on the right who believe in dominion theology, and believe we should pollute the earth because God is coming and he’ll take care of them

4) All nations of the world must participate in slowing down this process including ChinaIndia. These nations cannot be given carte blanche because their industries are massively polluting the atmosphere as they go through their industrial revolutions. and

5) The USA must be come an efficient nation in energy use and conservation. We use and waste more energy than most nations.

6) The economic costs world wide long term (and perhaps in a much shorter time than we believe) outweigh any short term economic loss from starting on such a project. The failure to do this will be catastrophic to our country because we have a global economy and anyone who thinks it doesn’t hurt us is in for a surprise. Who will you sell your goods and services to if parts of the world are in chaos?

7) The attacks on science by the lunatics who believe in mysticism and magic must be met head on because they have put this world into the Dark Ages we now face.

So who are you going to trust: the AEI’s of the world who must buy scientists and columnists with money from EXXON MOBIL or 95% of the world’s best scientists? Or will you trust some redneck that writes a column and has a website who says he’s investigated it? Or the Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaughs of the World? Since these people are so good at science maybe the next time you feel sick and need medical help you can just call one of them and save yourself some money. Why go to the scientific experts when these people know it all anyway!

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