Sunday, February 25, 2007

Veterans Treatment: Aren't You Proud of Bush and Cheney!

Patriotism is the Last Refuge of a Scoundrel

Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)

The latest scandal of the insane Bush Regime is the treatment of our soldiers at Walter Reed Medical Center. The Senate Arms Services Committee failed to properly oversee and conduct investigations at Walter Reed for fear of embarrassing Bush and Cheney. How much more can this country take from these two dictators who have destroyed this nation and don’t give a fuck about the soldiers they have sent off to battle to fight their war of lies!

These Chickenhawk low life sociopaths have destroyed our military and our nation too. They have no idea what this war is about because these scum suckers change their reason for being there each day. Never in the history of this nation have we put up with a more fascist government than exists today. Never in the history of this nation have we been lied to at every turn with cover-ups, misinformation, and outright manipulation of our society.

Are you proud of this nation? While our veterans are treated like dogs Cheney and his Halliburton friends, and Bush and his oil buddies are living the good life. Are you proud of what we have done to this nation and the constitution in the name of so called terrorism? Are you proud of all the fucking money these war profiteers have made while our veterans can barely make it? Are you proud of these sociopaths who do not have a clue to life on earth running this great nation into the ground?

Why don’t you just go out and wave your flag like every goddam good redneck American should…just ask Fox News! Of course you are proud because your head must have been up your ass for the last six years while Rome burned!

Of course you are proud because you are a brain dead American who doesn’t have a clue either to what is happening in the world or in this nation. But just look at what our injured veterans have to go through and maybe you can tell them how proud you are of the two Chickenhawk fairies running this country and what response our government has given them after they risked their lives for war profiteers and the whoredom of Bush and Cheney.

Now aren’t you just so fucking proud you would like to vomit! We don’t want to embarrass Bush and Cheney now do we? These two scum balls should be impeached for crimes against this country, convicted and hung on the Whitehouse lawn so that no one ever tries this again.

Then may be we would all be proud because we have taken back our nation!

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