Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Cheney and The Whitehouse:What Are They Smoking?

It has now been brought to the attention of the free world that the Whitehouse, Bush and Cheney are either totally insane or are smoking something that a lot people in California which they could get their hands on to sell. Today while Iraq engages in civil war, while our own troops continue to die on the battlefield, while the future of this country is being bankrupted by the cost of this insanity Dick Cheney declares: Rumsfeld is the Finest Secretary of Defense This Country Has Ever Had!

This group of people who have totally f…..Ked up everything in the world worse than it was prior to their coming to office and can make a statement like that deserves the psychiatric ward immediately. These delusional chicken hawks who have no idea what war is really about continue their insane mantra while Rome burns.

Rumsfeld by any objective measure is a total disaster who failed to understand the culture, the religion, the politics and the logistics of what he and his Neocons did in Iraq. Iraq is a hundred times worse than what the media coverage has shown. It is so bad that Bush recently had to meet with Iraqi leaders in Jordon because no one could guarantee his safety if the president landed in Iraq!

The Orwellian rhetoric never goes away with this administration. We are winning in Iraq. Democracy is taking hold in Iraq. The Iraqi people want us there. We are setting up democracy for the entire Middle East. This is not a civil war.

When will it just f…..kin end! How much longer must we endure this propaganda of stupidity? How much longer will our troops die so the dickheads in the Whitehouse and their Neocon chicken hawk friends can play soldier because they didn’t have the balls to go to the military during their time period? How much longer can this nation endure its own destruction through a group of insane and delusional bastards bent on trying to conquer the world?

Everyday that they are in power is one day too many and one less day for civilization…no Mr. Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld is not the best Secretary of Defense this Nation has ever had! In fact, he is probably the most incompetent, evil, cultureless, and delusional clown ever to hold the position but considering you are the same I know where you are coming from. So go light up whatever you are smoking or retire to your dungeon where the dragons and demons continue to warp your mind!

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