Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Republican Scum Machine Tries to Suppress and Intimidate Voters

The Republican Neofascists scum machine has tried to suppress and intimidate voters in many states. GOP-led voter intimidation and suppression are being reported in New Mexico, South Carolina, Tennessee, Connecticut, Michigan, California, Illinois, and Ohio and Virginia. George Allen’s Campaign is being charged by citizens in the state with some of the harassment including calling black residents and telling them they will be jailed if they vote. These included repeated “Robo-Calls” which start out sounding like a Democrat call and go on from there. The calls are repeated and repeated irritating the residents who hang up thinking they are coming from Democrats and are being used throughout the nation.

These are felonies and the FBI is investigating them. In Utah election fixing by Republicans is being investigated in the Daggertt County where more people voted than are registered. In Maryland a voter handbook by Republicans had methods listed so Republicans could intimidate voters.

It’s the same GRAND OLD PARTY trying to suppress the vote and destroy people’s rights everywhere. I love the Rednecks who refer to the Democrats as Socialists and Marxists because they believe in equal opportunity and fairness not only for the super rich but for everyone.

This has been a constant theme of the new fascism sweeping this country. Just trust US! Those black people aren’t smart enough to vote anyway…this is the mantra of the Republicans whether they say it or not because that’s what they want to do by suppressing votes. It’s a constant problem with these Right Wing Lunatics who preach their hateful form of White Supremacist Christianity.

You know that form of Christianity that allows you to beat on homosexuals while taking crystal meth and having sex with gay men like Ken Haggard. The hypocrisy of these people is beyond belief and they don’t believe in Democracy. They show it every election. They just want power and control of everyone. Barry Goldwater must be rolling over in his grave because he predicted this insane takeover of the Republican Party. You do remember Goldwater don’t you! He was basically thrown out of the Republican Party in Arizona before his death because he told the Republicans that they were basically fascists. He supported people that weren’t like him including gays, and was given an award by these organizations. He supported the Native Americans and had a great respect for them and their culture. He had respect for the environment. He told good true Christians that they should kick Jerry Falwell right in the ass because he was such a jerk.

Yes you do remember Goldwater don’t you! Now compare him to the Neofascists who claim to be Republicans today in order to suppress the rights of people. Barry Goldwater would be a“bleeding heart liberal” by today’s standards because he was a decent respectful human being that believed in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights for everyone…and I mean everyone. In his later life he even understood that his initial vote against certain minorities was wrong and admitted it.

He was man who learned from his mistakes and understood what it takes to be a human being. To bad the Republican Party have sunk to depths of what they now call politics in the name of winning. They are not Republicans…they are fascists who will stop at nothing to control this nation and the Bill of Rights and the Constitution mean nothing to them and neither does your Right to Vote!

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