Monday, November 13, 2006

The Republican Flag Wavers Have Lost!

The Republican Flag Wavers have lost. After six years of waving the American Flag rather than solve any problems they have been rejected by the American Electorate. In those six years while the Republicans waved the flag of nationalism and patriotism they raped this nation militarily, economically, socially, and environmentally. These included all of the following:

• They have destroyed our military by spreading them too thin. Pure and simple the “chickenhawks” like Bush, Cheney, and their Neocon confederates which include Krystal, and Pearle are responsible for the greatest American Military failure of all time. Under the delusional Rumsfeld their military strategy was flawed from the start. We never finished the job in Afghanistan and now it is returning to the Taliban. They never gave our troops the right equipment to fight including body armor and proper deployment because they were always seriously undermanned thanks to Rumsfeld’s attempt to run our military on the cheap with his scaled down version which the generals told him wouldn’t work from the beginning. Jack Murtha has described our ranks as decimated and it will take many generation of soldiers to repair what the Bush idiots have destroyed. Our greatest warrior in my life time, Col. David Hackworth said that these people were absolute idiots and he was right.

• The Economy has made this tremendous comeback right? Get a life. This is all done with smoke and mirrors. Almost all of the jobs recently created were service industry jobs too bad the media and the economists (econowhores as I call them) who work for these so called right-wing think tanks don’t report them. But don’t take my word for it try reading Counterpunch’s ( Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. And who is Roberts? Is he some liberal socialist like the right-wing calls everyone who doesn’t buy their nonsense on the economy? Well he was the assistant secretary of the treasury UNDER RONALD REAGAN! That’s right, he is a conservative which proves my point over and over again that Bush and his Neofascists friends are not Republicans and not conservatives. This economy is in basic ruin and has no teeth. To all the morons out there who think you can make a living by working in the Wal-Mart’s of the world…..go get a job and try it!

• The American Middle Class has been destroyed and perhaps for good. The tax cuts given to the Super Rich by Bush and friends may be the final nail in the coffin for a middle class being attacked on all sides. The people who work for a living get raped by the 30 to 40 percent of the tax burden (federal, state, and local) but if you are a rich investor you only pay 15% capital gains. But this is just the beginning because the federal government has cut many programs to the states which raise the taxes locally and the middle class get screwed again. Add the tide of illegal immigration which hurts the middle class more than anyone and you have a middle class so heavily in debt and boxed in that they will never recover. It’s a wonderful world and all you need to do in America is work and you can make it.... right! That’s it.... just keep believing that because that’s what the right-wing wants you to swallow. It keeps them rich and in power.

• From global warming to air and water pollution we are destroying our planet and our country. From smallmouth bass in the Potomac River that are changing sex from the estrogen like chemicals that we dump into our waters to asphalt plants spewing out poisonous chemicals near elementary schools we have lost all sanity as a nation. I know because I work in that mess everyday. The destruction of science including the EPA by this administration can only be described as Orwellian.

• And finally the greatest scam called fighting terrorism. Just about every objective intelligence study and report shows that we are failing in our fight against terrorism and that we are less safe now than before 911. We are making more terrorists by our presence in Iraq and the Middle East. We have destroyed our own liberties under the guise of protection. This administration was asleep the day we got hit whether anyone likes it or not, and they have failed by invading Iraq. They never finished the job in Afghanistan. Iraq was not a threat to us and to all the idiots out there who think that you can actually fight “terrorism”… get a life. You don’t fight ideas. You can fight terrorists but first you have to pick out the right ones to fight and you then you need a strategy by intelligence and military experts not by a bunch of chickenhawk neocons that don’t have a clue to what’s going on in the world. Yes, many of these idiots still believe Iraq had WMDs. The WMDS in this case are Bush’s and the Neocons'…own BRAINS.

Well I could go on forever but the points have been made. So next time you see them waving the flag whether they are Republicans or Democrats take a look at what’s behind the other side because you can see what happened when a nation failed to do just that!

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