Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Glenn Beck:Another Right Wing Lunatic!

Glenn Beck of Headline News is at it again. His latest rants are that the terrorists are coming. Once again he is baiting his audience with foreign website propaganda and so called videos of extremists that are going to blow up America. Yes, we know that some of these people want to kill us all but we also know that we are making more terrorists by our policies and presence in the Middle East which the dim witted Beck fails to connect. He is quoting the most recent rhetoric from both Israel and Iran, and I guess he wants us to just blow up Iran. That would solve all of the problems wouldn’t it?

Beck can be considered Rush Limbaugh Lite of TV Land (he is also on over 200 radio stations which tells you something about right-wing talk radio). Beck is nothing more than a right-wing nut that somehow landed on TV because CNN wanted some right-wing lunatic to counter Fox Network's claim that CNN is liberal! Beck has had serious family problems and related alcoholism. We feel for his health and the problems his family has had but it appears that people who have these kinds of problems go to the opposite ends of the spectrum and usually find God and become extreme (remember Bush had alcohol problems and also went to the extreme from his partying ways). Beck is famous for idiotic comments like comparing the crazed Senator Rick Santorum from Pennsylvania to Winston Churchill or claiming that if the Democrats took over Congress it would be scary and hurt this country. You must wonder which planet this guy has been living on for the last six years. Beck once stated that he likes the fact that Bush has his finger on the nuclear button because it will scare our enemies. Right knucklehead, except these people think they are getting a whole bunch of virgin girls and aren’t afraid to die. You do remember they flew the planes into the building don’t you Becky? In another piece on Headline News Beck compares Howard Dean to Iranian President Ahmadinjad! All of these lunatics have similar talking points which go back to my comment on recovering from one life style of alcoholism and drugs to the extremity of a religious experience. They all use the same mechanisms and rhetoric:

• God is coming and we are going to have an Apocalyptic and Armageddon type ending to the planet with war. This is why we must attack everyone now.
• An extreme support for Israel no matter what Israel does or says because they believe in some strange myth popularized by a minister thrown out of his church years ago that all the Jews must go back to Israel so that Christ will return to earth.
• Anti-environmental and anti-scientific teachings because we should use up everything on earth because God is coming anyway. They reject most science for mysticism.
• The use of fear and guilt to control the population and the country. These people are always moralizing about everyone’s behavior but seldom can they look themselves in the mirror.
• Little or no knowledge about other countries, cultures, people and religions. They see the world only through their own warped viewpoint and this is reflected in everything they say or do.

Like most of these idiots Beck sees the world in simple black and white which is common for people on either extreme. Beck often makes fun of his guests and is anti-science and anti-environmental and laughs at such things as Global Warming. Beck’s limited understanding of politics and the world should make him a possibility for Bush’s cabinet because he would fit right in with the rest of the geniuses including psychopath Cheney and the clueless Rice. Beck is a big backer of Bush and his policies but he claims he’s not a Republican just a Conservative. It’s too bad Beck never heard of Barry Goldwater because I don’t think for twenty seconds Goldwater would call Beck a Conservative. Beck believes and tries to convince his audience that he has all the answers. The problem is he doesn’t even understand the questions!

Beck is a dangerous man because he can reach a lot of people on Headline News and with his radio show, and his simplicity appeals to people who don’t have the time or will make the effort to research the truth. He has these rants often and this one is probably as dangerous as any of them because he now thinks he is an intelligence expert and that we should act right now to stop any terrorist threat. There is no doubt that terrorists will try and strike this country again however, to react to every single piece of rhetoric and propaganda thrown out there is another form of lunacy. We can never be totally safe contrary to what Bush and Cheney have said. We can however, change our Middle East Policy and get out of Iraq which we have totally destroyed. In this case more nations would join us in our fight against the terrorists but these countries can’t sell helping us to their citizens as long as we are making preemptive strikes over rhetoric and the poor use of misguided polices based on cherry picking the intelligence. We do remember those WMDs in Iraq don’t we? Too bad Glenn Beck doesn’t because maybe he wouldn’t be so ready to attack everyone who says something negative about the US or thinks someone is threatening us. Unfortunately these religious Apocalyptic lunatics aren’t really interested in truth just the sound of their own insane rhetoric

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