Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Michael Richards: The N Word and The PC Police

Michael Richards had a bad night at a comedy club with his performance and with some hecklers who didn’t like his use of the N Word. In a rage Richards screamed the N word at a black heckler who evidently took offense to part of Richards’ skit in which the N word was used. Today the media and PC police including other comics are attacking Richards over the incident. Richards made an apology on Letterman last night while Seinfeld sat next to Letterman and tried to add some seriousness to the performance of Richards.

The Hollywood World and the Politically Correct Police are now out in full force demanding the blood of Richards because they feel his act of contrition was not good enough. Perhaps nothing in our PC society is as superficial as this moment in time and the condemnation of Richards whose comedy routine just didn’t make it to say the least. We are a nation of superficial acts while Rome Burns. Comedy will always push the bounds of race, politics, religion, culture, and sex to mention just a few.

The thing which is most amazing is when rappers and music artists use the N word time after time and treat and call women whores and hoes in songs and videos where is the outrage from these same people? In fact, many of the celebs and comics who condemned Richards attend parties by these musicians and their record labels. I guess that martini in your hand can numb the effects of the N word being used in their songs. There is a double standard at work here and the media refuses to touch it.

Black comedians like Richard Pryor, Chris Rock and others have pushed the envelope on race, sex (including gays), and have said numerous things which patrons could have taken offense to. But it is alright when they use N word, or fag, degrade women, or make sexist comments but it’s not alright if a white comedian does it! Why? Well obviously there is a double standard and readily apparent to anyone who wants to see it.

I photographed a few professional sporting events in my life including some professional basketball games. I don’t know what it’s like now sitting underneath the basket at a basketball arena doing photography but years ago I heard the N word from players yelling at each other on more than one occasion. They aren’t calling each other brother when they smash each other underneath the rim!

I am an Italian American. The movies, videos, and books paint all Italians as being in the mob. Look at the great success of the Sopranos and movies like the Godfather etc. If you did a statistical analysis of the movies using Italian characters I ‘m sure it would show that we are normally portrayed in a bad light and have some connection to crime. Do I go ballistic every time I see such a portrayal? If I did I wouldn’t get anything done in my life because it’s a constant reinforcement of these stereotypes. I don’t know if Michael Richards is racist I personally don’t think he is but it really doesn’t matter what I think. But I do know this if the PC police are going to swing the sword and want more of Richards’ blood there are two edges of that sword , and they might be very careful because the edge that they are not looking at may swing right at their heads the next time. Where does one draw the line between bad tastes versus racism? Where does one draw the line between political discourse and outright hatred whether it’s on the right or the left? Where does one draw the line between what a black comedian can say and a white comedian can’t? Where does one draw the line between free speech and oppression of that speech because it offends someone? If Richards is guilty or racism instead of bad taste and a poor comedy routine then who will be the next to take the hit because you talked about a fat chick or gays, Republicans or Democrats or whatever. Get over it! The world is going to hell in Iraq and the environment is being destroyed and we are wasting time over this! This is what democracy is about. It’s about bad taste. It’s about bad comedy skits. It’s about bad political views ….because democracy isn’t here to protect what you think is right, it’s here to protect what you find offensive and perhaps to some of you racist too! But just remember that when someone thinks what you say is offensive and labels you that. Whether it’s the N word or Wop or Dago perhaps we should remember the context it was said in and get on with our lives quit parading out the PC Police in our superficial world!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Milton Friedman: Capitalism No...Corporatism Yes!

In all recorded history there has not been one economist who has had to worry about where the next meal would come from.

Peter Drucker (1909 - 2005)

Milton Friedman the Nobel Prize winning economist passed away recently. Those who think they know capitalism will eulogize Friendman as a friend of capitalism and the free market but a closer analysis of Friedman’s ideas show that his ideas were more in line with the New Fascism that runs this country under Corporatism. Friedman was a member of many so called think tanks including the “Hoover Institute." People who scream that this is laissez-faire capitalism lack a serious understanding of economics but most economists appear to be clueless at what this is really about too.

Friedman believed that America worked best under the “invisible hand” of allowing markets to proceed without any government intervention as stated by Adam Smith. However, this is one of the great ruses of the American Political System. In Friedman’s world the cost of pollution was externalized to the public. In a true laissez-faire system if you pollute it you pay to clean it up and restore it. Basically what Friendman advocates was government welfare for corporations, in other words..Corporatism! In Friedman’s world the public or the government pays for the corporation’s true external expense so that the company can be prosperous. Just check out all the government write offs, tax breaks, grants, and other nonsense the oil industry gets from the federal government. This is capitalism? Looks like pure government welfare to anyone with an IQ above that of a ground hog!

This form of Corporatism can be seen in many industries today. Take the illegal immigrant population that work in many corporations and even small business. The argument is made by the Neofascist Chambers of Commerce that these businesses couldn’t survive without this cheap labor and would go out of business and people would lose their jobs. So frickin what…that’s called Capitalism! If you can’t make it as a business why should the public pay your expenses for medical and other charges for the illegal immigrants? Go out of business...the weaker business shouldn't survive now should they under a true capitalistic society!

This is corporate welfare at its best! Another example of this are related health costs and problems associated with pollution that companies refuse to talk about. This is all Friedman’s world. A world in which companies have no responsibility but only look at the bottom line while taking money out of the pockets of the populace because they externalized the true costs to us. This is called Capitalism? I don’t think so! Friedman was an arrogant man who never truly understood systems. A system whether it’s a lake or economic one has inputs, outputs, flow etc., Friedman like many economists take the data they like and ignore what they don't like (the externalities), and they call it a free market. I doubt if most intelligent people would agree. So the next time someone screams free market find out how much you are paying because there exists few free markets in the world. As someone once said…”there is no free lunch.”

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Olbermann Nails Beck as Worst Person of the Day

The lunacy of Glenn Beck has not escaped Keith Obermann of MSNBC. Beck was given the worst person of the day for his moronic statements concerning the new muslim congressman. Beck said to the congressman, " What I feel like saying is, Sir prove to me that you are not working with our enemies."

CNN must be in dire straights to put this moron on every night on Headline News. It's too bad because this guy is a total dickhead!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Glenn Beck:Another Right Wing Lunatic!

Glenn Beck of Headline News is at it again. His latest rants are that the terrorists are coming. Once again he is baiting his audience with foreign website propaganda and so called videos of extremists that are going to blow up America. Yes, we know that some of these people want to kill us all but we also know that we are making more terrorists by our policies and presence in the Middle East which the dim witted Beck fails to connect. He is quoting the most recent rhetoric from both Israel and Iran, and I guess he wants us to just blow up Iran. That would solve all of the problems wouldn’t it?

Beck can be considered Rush Limbaugh Lite of TV Land (he is also on over 200 radio stations which tells you something about right-wing talk radio). Beck is nothing more than a right-wing nut that somehow landed on TV because CNN wanted some right-wing lunatic to counter Fox Network's claim that CNN is liberal! Beck has had serious family problems and related alcoholism. We feel for his health and the problems his family has had but it appears that people who have these kinds of problems go to the opposite ends of the spectrum and usually find God and become extreme (remember Bush had alcohol problems and also went to the extreme from his partying ways). Beck is famous for idiotic comments like comparing the crazed Senator Rick Santorum from Pennsylvania to Winston Churchill or claiming that if the Democrats took over Congress it would be scary and hurt this country. You must wonder which planet this guy has been living on for the last six years. Beck once stated that he likes the fact that Bush has his finger on the nuclear button because it will scare our enemies. Right knucklehead, except these people think they are getting a whole bunch of virgin girls and aren’t afraid to die. You do remember they flew the planes into the building don’t you Becky? In another piece on Headline News Beck compares Howard Dean to Iranian President Ahmadinjad! All of these lunatics have similar talking points which go back to my comment on recovering from one life style of alcoholism and drugs to the extremity of a religious experience. They all use the same mechanisms and rhetoric:

• God is coming and we are going to have an Apocalyptic and Armageddon type ending to the planet with war. This is why we must attack everyone now.
• An extreme support for Israel no matter what Israel does or says because they believe in some strange myth popularized by a minister thrown out of his church years ago that all the Jews must go back to Israel so that Christ will return to earth.
• Anti-environmental and anti-scientific teachings because we should use up everything on earth because God is coming anyway. They reject most science for mysticism.
• The use of fear and guilt to control the population and the country. These people are always moralizing about everyone’s behavior but seldom can they look themselves in the mirror.
• Little or no knowledge about other countries, cultures, people and religions. They see the world only through their own warped viewpoint and this is reflected in everything they say or do.

Like most of these idiots Beck sees the world in simple black and white which is common for people on either extreme. Beck often makes fun of his guests and is anti-science and anti-environmental and laughs at such things as Global Warming. Beck’s limited understanding of politics and the world should make him a possibility for Bush’s cabinet because he would fit right in with the rest of the geniuses including psychopath Cheney and the clueless Rice. Beck is a big backer of Bush and his policies but he claims he’s not a Republican just a Conservative. It’s too bad Beck never heard of Barry Goldwater because I don’t think for twenty seconds Goldwater would call Beck a Conservative. Beck believes and tries to convince his audience that he has all the answers. The problem is he doesn’t even understand the questions!

Beck is a dangerous man because he can reach a lot of people on Headline News and with his radio show, and his simplicity appeals to people who don’t have the time or will make the effort to research the truth. He has these rants often and this one is probably as dangerous as any of them because he now thinks he is an intelligence expert and that we should act right now to stop any terrorist threat. There is no doubt that terrorists will try and strike this country again however, to react to every single piece of rhetoric and propaganda thrown out there is another form of lunacy. We can never be totally safe contrary to what Bush and Cheney have said. We can however, change our Middle East Policy and get out of Iraq which we have totally destroyed. In this case more nations would join us in our fight against the terrorists but these countries can’t sell helping us to their citizens as long as we are making preemptive strikes over rhetoric and the poor use of misguided polices based on cherry picking the intelligence. We do remember those WMDs in Iraq don’t we? Too bad Glenn Beck doesn’t because maybe he wouldn’t be so ready to attack everyone who says something negative about the US or thinks someone is threatening us. Unfortunately these religious Apocalyptic lunatics aren’t really interested in truth just the sound of their own insane rhetoric

Monday, November 13, 2006

The Republican Flag Wavers Have Lost!

The Republican Flag Wavers have lost. After six years of waving the American Flag rather than solve any problems they have been rejected by the American Electorate. In those six years while the Republicans waved the flag of nationalism and patriotism they raped this nation militarily, economically, socially, and environmentally. These included all of the following:

• They have destroyed our military by spreading them too thin. Pure and simple the “chickenhawks” like Bush, Cheney, and their Neocon confederates which include Krystal, and Pearle are responsible for the greatest American Military failure of all time. Under the delusional Rumsfeld their military strategy was flawed from the start. We never finished the job in Afghanistan and now it is returning to the Taliban. They never gave our troops the right equipment to fight including body armor and proper deployment because they were always seriously undermanned thanks to Rumsfeld’s attempt to run our military on the cheap with his scaled down version which the generals told him wouldn’t work from the beginning. Jack Murtha has described our ranks as decimated and it will take many generation of soldiers to repair what the Bush idiots have destroyed. Our greatest warrior in my life time, Col. David Hackworth said that these people were absolute idiots and he was right.

• The Economy has made this tremendous comeback right? Get a life. This is all done with smoke and mirrors. Almost all of the jobs recently created were service industry jobs too bad the media and the economists (econowhores as I call them) who work for these so called right-wing think tanks don’t report them. But don’t take my word for it try reading Counterpunch’s ( Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. And who is Roberts? Is he some liberal socialist like the right-wing calls everyone who doesn’t buy their nonsense on the economy? Well he was the assistant secretary of the treasury UNDER RONALD REAGAN! That’s right, he is a conservative which proves my point over and over again that Bush and his Neofascists friends are not Republicans and not conservatives. This economy is in basic ruin and has no teeth. To all the morons out there who think you can make a living by working in the Wal-Mart’s of the world…..go get a job and try it!

• The American Middle Class has been destroyed and perhaps for good. The tax cuts given to the Super Rich by Bush and friends may be the final nail in the coffin for a middle class being attacked on all sides. The people who work for a living get raped by the 30 to 40 percent of the tax burden (federal, state, and local) but if you are a rich investor you only pay 15% capital gains. But this is just the beginning because the federal government has cut many programs to the states which raise the taxes locally and the middle class get screwed again. Add the tide of illegal immigration which hurts the middle class more than anyone and you have a middle class so heavily in debt and boxed in that they will never recover. It’s a wonderful world and all you need to do in America is work and you can make it.... right! That’s it.... just keep believing that because that’s what the right-wing wants you to swallow. It keeps them rich and in power.

• From global warming to air and water pollution we are destroying our planet and our country. From smallmouth bass in the Potomac River that are changing sex from the estrogen like chemicals that we dump into our waters to asphalt plants spewing out poisonous chemicals near elementary schools we have lost all sanity as a nation. I know because I work in that mess everyday. The destruction of science including the EPA by this administration can only be described as Orwellian.

• And finally the greatest scam called fighting terrorism. Just about every objective intelligence study and report shows that we are failing in our fight against terrorism and that we are less safe now than before 911. We are making more terrorists by our presence in Iraq and the Middle East. We have destroyed our own liberties under the guise of protection. This administration was asleep the day we got hit whether anyone likes it or not, and they have failed by invading Iraq. They never finished the job in Afghanistan. Iraq was not a threat to us and to all the idiots out there who think that you can actually fight “terrorism”… get a life. You don’t fight ideas. You can fight terrorists but first you have to pick out the right ones to fight and you then you need a strategy by intelligence and military experts not by a bunch of chickenhawk neocons that don’t have a clue to what’s going on in the world. Yes, many of these idiots still believe Iraq had WMDs. The WMDS in this case are Bush’s and the Neocons'…own BRAINS.

Well I could go on forever but the points have been made. So next time you see them waving the flag whether they are Republicans or Democrats take a look at what’s behind the other side because you can see what happened when a nation failed to do just that!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Republican Scum Machine Tries to Suppress and Intimidate Voters

The Republican Neofascists scum machine has tried to suppress and intimidate voters in many states. GOP-led voter intimidation and suppression are being reported in New Mexico, South Carolina, Tennessee, Connecticut, Michigan, California, Illinois, and Ohio and Virginia. George Allen’s Campaign is being charged by citizens in the state with some of the harassment including calling black residents and telling them they will be jailed if they vote. These included repeated “Robo-Calls” which start out sounding like a Democrat call and go on from there. The calls are repeated and repeated irritating the residents who hang up thinking they are coming from Democrats and are being used throughout the nation.

These are felonies and the FBI is investigating them. In Utah election fixing by Republicans is being investigated in the Daggertt County where more people voted than are registered. In Maryland a voter handbook by Republicans had methods listed so Republicans could intimidate voters.

It’s the same GRAND OLD PARTY trying to suppress the vote and destroy people’s rights everywhere. I love the Rednecks who refer to the Democrats as Socialists and Marxists because they believe in equal opportunity and fairness not only for the super rich but for everyone.

This has been a constant theme of the new fascism sweeping this country. Just trust US! Those black people aren’t smart enough to vote anyway…this is the mantra of the Republicans whether they say it or not because that’s what they want to do by suppressing votes. It’s a constant problem with these Right Wing Lunatics who preach their hateful form of White Supremacist Christianity.

You know that form of Christianity that allows you to beat on homosexuals while taking crystal meth and having sex with gay men like Ken Haggard. The hypocrisy of these people is beyond belief and they don’t believe in Democracy. They show it every election. They just want power and control of everyone. Barry Goldwater must be rolling over in his grave because he predicted this insane takeover of the Republican Party. You do remember Goldwater don’t you! He was basically thrown out of the Republican Party in Arizona before his death because he told the Republicans that they were basically fascists. He supported people that weren’t like him including gays, and was given an award by these organizations. He supported the Native Americans and had a great respect for them and their culture. He had respect for the environment. He told good true Christians that they should kick Jerry Falwell right in the ass because he was such a jerk.

Yes you do remember Goldwater don’t you! Now compare him to the Neofascists who claim to be Republicans today in order to suppress the rights of people. Barry Goldwater would be a“bleeding heart liberal” by today’s standards because he was a decent respectful human being that believed in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights for everyone…and I mean everyone. In his later life he even understood that his initial vote against certain minorities was wrong and admitted it.

He was man who learned from his mistakes and understood what it takes to be a human being. To bad the Republican Party have sunk to depths of what they now call politics in the name of winning. They are not Republicans…they are fascists who will stop at nothing to control this nation and the Bill of Rights and the Constitution mean nothing to them and neither does your Right to Vote!