Friday, October 27, 2006

Harold Ford Could Lose the Senate Race Thanks to Good Old Republican Racism!

Racism by the Republican Party is alive and well and it’s been played in Tennessee. The attack on Harold Ford by the Corker camp under the direction of Mehlman and Rove could be a winning strategy for the racists Republicans who fear the race is too close and need the Southern Strategy to win it. Just as Lyndon Johnson gave the South back to the Republicans with the passing of the Civil Rights Act, the commercial featuring a white blond woman pretending to talk to a black Harold Ford will do the jobs for the Republicans in Tennessee.

After viewing this commercial why would any sane black American ever vote for a Republican at the state or national level? The tokens blacks in the administration like clueless Condi Rice and the former administration patsy Colin Powell haven’t said a word. And with good reason …for all practical purposes they gave up their black heritage a long time ago.

Harold Ford has a good chance of now losing this race for two reasons. The first reason is that people will say one thing when interviewed but will vote with their racists’ tendencies once they get into the voting booth. The second reason is the recent commercial which basically calls all good old southern white boys to come out of the wood work and restore the South’s pride by teaching this “jigaboo” some manners about being with a white woman.

Corker who tried to say he wasn’t responsible for this ad is about as low a human being that crawls on the face of this earth. The ad has been cleaned up somewhat but this is just a ploy, the damage has been done. No matter what the Republicans say they always tend to show their true colors. The sad part is that Corker is now leading in the polls by upwards of 4-5%. This ad mobilized their base and once again told the truth that the South still remains a racist place and that polarization, hatred, racism and other evil deeds will get you elected.

What Ford should have done was to just walk up to Corker and “jacked” this jerk right between the eyes telling him, “you racist white fairy I’ve had enough of your slime and Mehlman and Rove are next.” What would the Republicans have done then? The Democrats or whoever is running against these trash ball politicians should get as dirty as they are and call these Republican politicians what they are: Racists Criminals.

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