Thursday, September 21, 2006

What Bush And Rove Have Planned for the Democrats Come November!

The Democratic party believes that they will win the House and possibly the Senate in the mid-term elections in November. They have continued to underestimate the Bush Regime and believe voters will rationalize that these people have destroyed this nation and vote for the them. They have failed to properly attack Bush and Cheney on a number of fronts and so it's the Democrats who may be in for the surprise come November.

The following is very possible and will destroy the dreams of the Democratic Party: 1) The price of gas, oil and home heating fuel will drop prior to the election which is controlled by the Corporate Whoredom of Exxon and the likes which will allow people to forget about the fact they have been raped economically by this administration. This will occur because they are in bed with the Bush Neofascists 2) Rove, Cheney, Bush and the right wing crazies will make an all out attack on the Patriotism, and morality again 3) Get ready for another scare "attack" on the nation that they have just foiled another plot by terrorists to attack us 4) Watch out for possible military action somewhere in the world under the pretense of fighting terrorism as Bush, Cheney and Rove continue their action plan,including a possible capture or killing of Osama Bin Laden and 5) The hacking of electronic voting machines will continue. This is part of the reason Bush is in the White House. These people stole two elections and as a nation we sat by and watched.

No the criminals in the White House will not surrender the fort and the stupid Democrats are the only ones who actually believe in what use to be democracy! The Republicans never believed in it from the start and that's why they continue to hold all of the cards in this game!

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