Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Condi Rice: Condi The Clueless!

I have many friends in the intelligence community and we'll leave it right there. However, for years they have been telling me that Condi Rice is about as dumb as a box of rocks. She lacks an understanding of foreign states as well as their culture. She is overwhelmed would be an understatement. But she must stand tall and pretend because the other token black, Colin Powell has left and isn't saying nice things about the Bush administration. Rice's limited understanding of the world doesn't play well with either side, especially the neocons (neofascists). Richard "the warmonger" Pearle wants to attack Iran and wants Condi removed. She is now being attacked by Newt Gingrich and others for basically being clueless.

Rice never belonged in any of the positions she received or inherited. She is the perfect example of someone who fit the profile of what was needed for the Republicans: a black female for Bush's Regime. Everyone who lives in America sees this in the workplace and is disgusted with it. This has nothing to do with being black but with persons put into positions because of whom they are and who they know versus being competent. But in this case the repercussions are's about life and death. The media of course has kissed Rice's ass because such is dictated by the politically correct, and she is seldom criticized.

Richard Clarke who broke the beans about Bush's lack of urgency and incompetence in the 9/11 attacks hinted about how dumb Rice was in many of his statements to the media and to Congress but it was ignored. Perhaps no other person in recent history has screwed more things in politics (except for Bush and Cheney) and has been so untouched by the media.

The world is spinning out of control as one my intelligence friends put it and Condi (or as some of them call her Condo) is clueless as usual!

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