Saturday, July 01, 2006

Bush and Republicans Continue Their Attack on The Press and The Bill of Rights!

You can almost predict what the Republicans and Bush people will do every step of the way. It's too bad the Democrats and most of the American public can't see the light. With the Iraq situation now turning into a civil war, with the flag amendment failing, and with the gay marriage ban in trouble, their loss in the Supreme's time for them to attack the press.

Generals crying that if we lose the war in Iraq it's because of the media. Right wing psychos calling for treason and execution against the NY Times for publishing material about financial records already in the public domain for years. Frist attacking CNN. It's all here...all their police state tactics. No sooner than you can say Fascist....they show up on Fox News.

The Democrats can't seem to understand what to do with these gifts that they are given. Wave the flag and scream nationalism and like a scrambled chapter from Orwell's 1984 the Dems run for cover. The Democrats don't understand that all they need to do is scream that the Republicans are allowing Bin Laden to win because he wants to destroy our freedom and the Republicans are doing that under the guise of fear and incompetence.

Bush doesn't know how to win a war! Neither does Cheney! Attack their military record ..attack, attack and keep on attacking. The Commander and Chief is an incompetent buffoon when it comes to war! Attack and attack.......He's attacking the press because he wants to control the press and he wants to control you. Bush doesn't want the American public to see just how incompetent they are in Iraq! He'll take your freedoms to control his image of incompetence. It will resonate. Run on competence and freedom versus fear and incompetence. It's that damn simple. We will not relinquish our Bill of Rights for Bin Laden! But the Democrats remain scared of Bush's own incompetence....unbelievable!

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