Tuesday, June 20, 2006

RFK Jr. not the Right Man For the Investigation of Election

Robert Kennedy Jr. is at it again. This time however, he's not pretending he's scientist (which he is not). He is now going to sue someone or something over the 2004 election results ( There is no doubt in my mind after a statistical analysis of poll data that there were some real problems with the election.

The popular media won't buy most of it because it would mean that our government is even more corrupt than most people believe and it would also cast total doubt on them because they do nothing more than print media releases as news. It would be total chaos and I imagine riots could break over time.

Kennedy is the wrong man because of his background of not getting much correct in the environmental arena (he stretches and cherry picks stuff just like the right does politically to meet his agenda). He is also the wrong man because he is inadequate as a speaker. He can barely talk and is easily frustrated and wines while on TV. Kennedy is seldom good when he can't use his notes. In fact, local reporters from small newspapers have told me that once off his talking points...he can't answer anything!

There is no doubt in my mind that the Republicans will try and steal the midterms too but Kennedy is not the man to stop them. I wish him luck even though I think he will fail.

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