Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Failure of the Blogs: Pieces on a Game Board

There is a great article at Counterpunch by Cockburn ( about how infective the democratic or liberal (not always the same) blogs and websites are. I've been telling people this for years that these groups are just preaching to the choir. Many of the blogs claim to scoop the press and they do on some things but they are wrong so often and end up being a joke including a number of them on the Carl Rove case.

The people who run many of these blogs and websites don't get it. They are being used by the govenment and intelligence communites. They are given a few tidbits that are true but the big stuff they are given is disinformation and falsehoods which they eagerly publish.

They don't realize just how diabolical this administration is. It's just a game to them. One big game and they are nothing more than a piece on the game board.

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