Sunday, June 25, 2006

Bush Police State Goes After the New York Times!

Rep. Peter King (of course a Republican) charged the NY Times with espionage after the Times' story detailing the Bush Administration's and Treasurey Dept.'s going through U.S. citizens banking records. King says the Times are the worst culprits because they also expoesed the illegal wiretapping by the government.

Someone should just bitch slap some sense into this idiot's head. The Bush police state gets worse and worse everyday and no one does anything. Why doesn't someone inform King that everyone's records are available for a fee these days and only the citizens of the US don't have a right to know. King should be tried for destroying the constitution not the Times.

Because the media did nothing in the beginning except rollover for the administration, Bush and friends believe they can intimidate anyone and anything.

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