Sunday, June 25, 2006

Bush Police State Goes After the New York Times!

Rep. Peter King (of course a Republican) charged the NY Times with espionage after the Times' story detailing the Bush Administration's and Treasurey Dept.'s going through U.S. citizens banking records. King says the Times are the worst culprits because they also expoesed the illegal wiretapping by the government.

Someone should just bitch slap some sense into this idiot's head. The Bush police state gets worse and worse everyday and no one does anything. Why doesn't someone inform King that everyone's records are available for a fee these days and only the citizens of the US don't have a right to know. King should be tried for destroying the constitution not the Times.

Because the media did nothing in the beginning except rollover for the administration, Bush and friends believe they can intimidate anyone and anything.

Here's the url:

Friday, June 23, 2006

Rick Santorum: Crazier Than an Outhouse Rat!

It just doesn't get any better than this. Rick Santorum is the gift that just keeps on giving and giving. Now the "Mental Midget" of the Senate is saying that pre-1991 canisters of mustard gas and other old junk found in the Iraq desert are the chemical weapons that the US was looking for. Of course, FOX NEWS is spreading the "sanitorum" around as usual. Our intelligence services call his analysis total nonsense and say the stuff is basically useless as weapons but that won't stop crazy Rick.

Rick the "village idiot" got elected years ago for one reason: GUN CONTROL. The democrats who just don't get it and continue to screw with the gun issue get more of these idiots elected than any other issue. Leave Americans' guns alone and you won't have these types of idiots elected. Ricky boy is losing by about 18% in the most recent Pennsylvania polling versus Casey.

I'm sure Ricky Boy will make up ground by election night epecially since some of the balloting will be rigged as usual. But we doubt if he can win. What will happen to this idiot? He won't go back to Pennsylvania because he doesn't live there anymore (he lives in Virginia). He'll end up on Fox as an analyst and a member of some right wing tank. In both places he will continue his attack on the universe because this guy is crazier than an out house rat and proves it every time he opens his mouth.

Killer Terrorists in Miami? Really!

Well those wonderful people at the FBI have uncovered this wild terrorist plot to blow up the Sears Building in Chicago. It appears the FBI infiltrated this group. I wonder if the infiltrator came up with the plan to blow up the building? The BBC seems to think that this is a rather bogus piece to say the least for these "wannabe terrorists. "
BBC_Sears_Tower_plotters _just_wannabes_0623.html

Huffington Gets Caught Again: Trolls, Moles, and Blowing IT!

Arianna Huffington of the Huffington Post has been caught again doctoring stuff on her website. It seems Dr. Peter Rost uncovered the " so called Troll poster" was one of their own! Also, were the posts and numbers rigged? Rost was then denied his password and whole bunch of wonderful stuff. The Right Wing will have a ball with's Rost's own blog of what happened:

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

RFK Jr. not the Right Man For the Investigation of Election

Robert Kennedy Jr. is at it again. This time however, he's not pretending he's scientist (which he is not). He is now going to sue someone or something over the 2004 election results ( There is no doubt in my mind after a statistical analysis of poll data that there were some real problems with the election.

The popular media won't buy most of it because it would mean that our government is even more corrupt than most people believe and it would also cast total doubt on them because they do nothing more than print media releases as news. It would be total chaos and I imagine riots could break over time.

Kennedy is the wrong man because of his background of not getting much correct in the environmental arena (he stretches and cherry picks stuff just like the right does politically to meet his agenda). He is also the wrong man because he is inadequate as a speaker. He can barely talk and is easily frustrated and wines while on TV. Kennedy is seldom good when he can't use his notes. In fact, local reporters from small newspapers have told me that once off his talking points...he can't answer anything!

There is no doubt in my mind that the Republicans will try and steal the midterms too but Kennedy is not the man to stop them. I wish him luck even though I think he will fail.

Coulter Makes a Joke of the Democrats and Continues to Get Away with It.

Ann Coulter continues her assult on the dems and so called liberals and they do little or nothing about it. There is one obscure post I found from this blog that nails it but the dems don't get it.
Try this one:

It's obviously tongue and cheek but compare it to the wimpy replies elsewhere on the net

The Failure of the Blogs: Pieces on a Game Board

There is a great article at Counterpunch by Cockburn ( about how infective the democratic or liberal (not always the same) blogs and websites are. I've been telling people this for years that these groups are just preaching to the choir. Many of the blogs claim to scoop the press and they do on some things but they are wrong so often and end up being a joke including a number of them on the Carl Rove case.

The people who run many of these blogs and websites don't get it. They are being used by the govenment and intelligence communites. They are given a few tidbits that are true but the big stuff they are given is disinformation and falsehoods which they eagerly publish.

They don't realize just how diabolical this administration is. It's just a game to them. One big game and they are nothing more than a piece on the game board.