Thursday, March 01, 2012

Huffington Post and Mainstream Media Protect Breitbart Even In Death

If you  want to know really how the world is run just take a look at the comments and the censoring of comments on the death of Andrew Breitbart by the Huffington Post and the Mainstream Media..  Breitbart was an arrogant self absorbed Corporate Fascist Loser!  He thought that anyone who wasn't wealthy like him and didn't believe in his myopic viewpoint of the world was worthless.  His spastic attack in public over the Occupy Movement caught on camera for all the world to see showed how he really thought and behaved about the lesser folks of the universe.

If some progressive would have behaved like that in public they would have been destroyed but it was okay for Brietbart because he was a Conservative.  When Ted Kennedy died Breitbart said this: 1) Kennedy was a special pile of human excrement 2) Rest in Chappaquiddick 3) A Big Ass Motherfucker and a Duplicitous Bastard! Now the "blowjobs" in the media including the great Con Artist Ariana  Huffington and others in the Mainstream Suckathon admire his passion etc.

I wonder how the people of Acorn feel about his death since he hired the little fairy James O'Keefe to selectively edit video to make them look bad and ultimately destroyed them. Of course, there was no racism involved in this operation...right!    Breitbart also was involved with selective editing of a black female agricultural employee's speech (Shirley Sherrod). She was fired by Obama but then offered her job back after it was revealed that Breitbart had edited the video to make her look bad. She refused the job offer by Obama.   Ms Sherrod has since filed a law suit against Breitbart and his website.

Huffington and the Mainstream Media are about money!  They could care less about any of what's really going on.  It's like wrestling---it's a show.  They all go home in the same van after the match.  It's a game but Americans just don't get it.  There is very little difference between the Right and the Left or whatever these groups are calling themselves these days and the Media that cover them.

And what do I think about Breitbart's death?    Hum.....maybe there is a God after all!!!!!!! Burn in Hell Andrew....... but I doubt if there is such a place.

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

USA Women Lose World Cup To Japan in Choke!

I will readily admit that I'm not a soccer expert but in watching the USA Women's Soccer Team lose to Japan I can only say the word: CHOKE!  I don't use this word lightly in sports like so many so called "expert journalists" do.  The people in the sports palaces of ESPN and the rest of sports' world are always using the word choke when it doesn't really apply. But to put it bluntly the USA Women's Soccer Team may be the greatest chokers in modern sports history.

It's like the NBA player who can't hit the foul shots at the end of the game and they say he choked.  Unfortunately, this is not necessarily a choke unless the guy shoots 90% for the season and then fails.  These guys usually can't hit the foul shot because they just can't shoot that well and really don't have the skill level and never seem to develop it.

In the case of the USA Women's Soccer they were playing against HOBBITS!  My god, the Japanese girls only average around 5. 4" in height!  The USA Women looked like giants compared to these girls. They were bigger, faster, stronger, more athletic, and had more skill in all areas!  Yet, they found a way to allow the Japanese Women's Soccer Team to tie the game and then beat them in overtime!

How did they lose then?  Well, there is old axiom in sports about allowing an inferior team to stay in the game, and if you do they will gain the confidence to find a magical way to beat you!  In this case perhaps the USA Women started to celebrate mentally before the game was over! I've seen this in sports all my life and in some cases the players who have this type of mentality don't have a killer instinct and think the game is over before it's really over! If I was a soccer player on this team I would be embarrassed by losing to players who could barely see over the bar in the restaurant after their team had won the game!

Well around the world there is cheering, celebration, and screaming in the underground universe of the Hobbits, because they have won and defeated the monsters of the big, bad, and evil USA.  That should be a lesson to everyone not to take little people likely. If only the goddamn US politicians could understand that.  And congrats to those cute little Japanese Hobbit showed the world baby ...yes, you did...and you deserve the Cup!

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Obama Where Are The Jobs!

Well Obama where are the jobs?  You know all those wonderful jobs that were supposed to be created?  Well it's not going to happen and all those other jobs....they have been outsourced.  The sad part is just how stupid Obama and the Democrats really are because they could be beating the Republicans over the head with this club but just don't get it.

The Republicans and their friendly corporate empire have destroyed American jobs, wages and benefits with outsourcing.  These bastard want to pay slave wages that's what they are all about and of course, The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is all for it.  It's sad that these bastards are allowed to use the name U.S. in their title because they should have to register as a foreign corporation because they have never seen a job they did want to export.

Well Obama how's your buddy Bill Clinton doing?  You remember him don't you, Larry Summer's old friend.  You remember Summers don't you.  He gave us derivatives with Bill and also NAFTA.  How's that working out!  That really helped didn't it!  And when that 's not enough to destroy the American worker what do both sides want to do?  They want to import cheap lateral markets known as illegal immigrants.  Just listen to both the right and left and they will both tell you how much they help America.

There is a reason Cesar Chavez marched against illegal immigration and that's because he knew what it did to his union of legal workers: it destroyed the wage base and the benefits.  Right now the hot jobs in the country are computer science majors.  But don't worry the legendary Corporate Whore Bill Gates has a plan for that and it's called H 1 B visas.  Gates and his friends have probably driven down the wages of computer scientists by at least 35 to 55% over the last 5 years.

Isn't it great everyone screams about jobs and they are lying through their teeth. The low life scientifically illiterate Republicans scream that environmental regulations are costing jobs while they outsource everything. The sad fact is that these polluting bastards are the ones that are really costing jobs because of the damage to our streams, rivers, lakes and oceans.  Fishing, hunting, and tourism are some of the largest industries for most states and they are killing these people.  But that's okay because the only fucking jobs these idiots are interested in, are those of their corporate pimps who are sure to pay these whores in Congress for their work against America.

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Obama Appoints G.E. CEO Jeffrey Immelt and Gives More Control of America to Corporations.

I'm still wondering how long it will take for the likes of Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann and the rest of so called “Progressive America” to finally wake up to the fact that President Obama is nothing but a “Corporate Lackey” and a total fraud. Obama has now appointed Republican and General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt to serve as Chair of the President's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. Check just about every appointment that Obama has made and you will immediately realize that Corporate America, Israel and The Military Industrial Complex own this so called “Avatar of Change!”

General Electric is part of the Military Industrial Complex and one of the world's great polluters. They will now have even more ability to destroy what is left of America and the middle class. General Electric is a U.S. Chamber of Commerce's dream by outsourcing jobs and cheap labor. With the appointment of Immelt Corporate America will be calling more of the shots for a President who is basically afraid of the Lunatic Republicans who continue to push him so far out of the mainstream of America by calling him a Socialist. Obama may be the saddest excuse for a president during my lifetime. He is Corporate America's greatest sucker this country has ever known. General Electric made a fortune by selling products and services to China but paid no income taxes on it. In fact, General Electric paid 0$ in income tax for the year 2010!!!!!!! I wonder if everyone could zero out their tax returns what this country would do! As some corporate fascist bastard once said, “taxes are for the rest of America!”

Obama is one of the great “Corporate Fascists” enablers of all time. He doesn't understand even the fundamentals of how corporations have manipulated the entire process. And what is Labor in America going to do about it? Not a damn thing! Because American Labor in this country is dead. The Republicans have worked for years to destroy it and the Democrats won't stand up for it. It's over! Pure and simple Obama continues to put the final nails in the coffins of American workers and no one in the mainstream media will take them on. The mainstream media by their very nature are nothing more than a mouthpiece for these corporations.

Instead Immelt and the Corporate Elite will continue to blame it on Unions and that's the reason that America is in such bad shape. This constant disinformation disseminated by the Right Wing, The Media, and Redneck America has many uninformed Americans thinking that it's true. They are just too stupid to look at what Corporate America is doing. It's simple strategy for stupid Americans: Divide and Conquer! Only 1 in 10 Americans belong to a labor union. The unions have been destroyed by Corporate America, the Republican Party, Corporate Whoring Economists and the mainstream press. America's middle class had its greatest days when labor unions were strong in America. Obama's appointment of G.E. CEO Immelt is the final stamp of approval from the President who should be known as “America's Number One Corporate Lackey.”

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Thursday, January 06, 2011

The Politically Correct Raping of Huck Finn, Mark Twain and America

The politically correct raping of Huck Finn, Mark Twain and America is now the latest entry into the foray of our intellectual cesspool.  Both the Right and Left fight for the misinterpretation of history and every piece of information in America that you listen to daily. The Right will tell you that the Civil War, or the War of the States as they call it below the Mason Dixon Line, was not really about slavery but really about economics, etc. Yes, they are right it was about economics and the ability of the South to survive by USING SLAVES! But the Left in its usual we can't offend anyone attitude refuses to allow newspapers and other media of actually mentioning the race of  criminals and suspects in most instances no matter how heinous the crime. These are just a couple of the items that are constantly reinforced into our “Psyche” everyday. And this stuff works! Independent studies show that Fox News listeners are some of the most misinformed and stupid people in the country!

It is a constant battle to misinform, change context and control what you see, read, hear or even think! Now from the Mountains of Academic Stupidity comes the latest reincarnation of Mark Twain's Huck Finn. Alan Gribben an Auburn University Professor is editing a new version of Huckleberry Finn which he hopes will be more accepted by the public and schools. In Gribben's version the word Nigger and Injun will be replaced by Slaves and Native Americans. Gribben argues because the book is banned by so many groups (it ranks fourth on the list of Banned Books in America: 1) Impressions edited by Jack Booth 2) Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck 3) The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger 4) The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain) this would allow more people to access it.

The Censorship Crowd has finally awakened from their long sleep to protest such “Politically Correct Journalistic Sleight of Hand” and immediately realizes that this changes the entire history and context of Twain's work! Of course, these words do offend some people, however everything ever written will offend someone in America (one should actually investigate Twain to find out how he really used these words)! Perhaps Gribben can now reedit Rap Music to remove the millions of N- Words chanted relentlessly under the guise of music!

The editing of Twain's Classic Work is part of the undoing of the fabric of America. Every group, race, ethnic clan or subculture tries to homogenize and pasteurize their group to become some hygienically “Cloned Group of Angels.” The Jews will tell you that they weren't involved in America's Slave Trade but historical records show that they were. The Protestants will tell you they too weren't involved with such ghastly deeds such as slavery but once again the records kept by maritime workers show otherwise. White Europeans are constantly blamed for every ill propagated against every other culture on earth yet when one looks at the history of Native Americans in both North and South America one can see that they were just as violent and brutal as their white counterparts.

This misinformation and disinformation is accepted as truth because it is shown on television, the internet, newspaper, or in a movie. A perfect example of this is in the “Gangster” or “Mob” movies. Almost all of the criminals are Italians! Jews and other groups are usually shown as accountants or non “thug” like creatures! Yet, historically the Mafia used many Jews, Irish and other groups as hit men in Murder Incorporated to take out their enemies and the “Jewish Crime Groups” formed coalitions with the “Italian Mobsters.” Yet, if you ask one-hundred people on the street about the “Mob” almost everyone of them will finger only the Italians!

This is all about context and history. Because if you can remove something from the context and its history than you can isolate it in the political reality that you wish to control! Huck Finn like all texts must be read and studied from the period when it was written. The context and its history must not be changed or taken apart because to do so allows those on either side of the political spectrum to destroy the meaning and truth of Twain's work. Both the Right and the Left in America are constantly trying to isolate content from context to gain their own political victories and to disinform and misinform Americans. The reworking of Twain's Huck Finn is just another example of George Orwell's “Ministry of Truth” coming to a book near you!

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lebron James and The Pillaging and Plundering of Cleveland’s Soul

(the following article was refused by the Cleveland Plain Dealer)

I grew up in Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio.  It’s a different kind of place from the rest of the country in my mind.  Two things are ingrained in the people who work and live there that are not found in too many places in America: a sense of fairness and a sense of respect. I worked in a steel mill in Eastern Ohio one summer while going to undergraduate school with every color, ideology, and creed but the dirt, the sweat, the pollution and the pain knew no color or race.  These were hard working men like my dad and so many who built this great nation with steel made on machines borne in the early 1900’s for companies who would not modernize. These men kept the steel production going as long as they could on such inferior equipment and then watched as their retirement plans and pensions were destroyed by these companies whom they had given everything to.

There was no respect paid to the men and their families by the companies or the government who allowed such plundering to occur. These men labored in these mills under extreme poisonous environmental conditions, their lives cut short by many of the carcinogens which they took in during their working years.  I have the greatest respect for the people of these areas because they encompass the best of America.

Now a different type of psychological plundering, pillaging and disrespect has taken hold in Cleveland-The Lebron James Fiasco sponsored by David Stern and the NBA and brought to you by ESPN and rest of the sporting world. What occurred with Lebron James’ signing with the Miami Heat can only be described as a disgrace on a monumental scale.  The sad part is the number of cities, networks and so called “journalists” that participated in this Dog and Pony Show all at the expense of one city----Cleveland. ESPN has been criticized before for their cozy relationships with athletes where ESPN ends up being part of the news rather than reporting the news.

The aftermath of this spectacle includes an owner, who probably went overboard in his criticisms of James, a commissioner in Davis Stern that is clueless to what has just transpired, and another bad mark on sports and sports journalism in America and a city, Cleveland who just had their soul ripped from their bodies.

James has right to go anywhere he wants to play basketball including Miami with his friends.  The criticism of him “tanking” or “choking” in this year’s playoffs against Boston are groundless.  What probably did happen however, that no one wants to talk about and it’s observable for the last two years is that James’ legs went!  Yes, I know you will never hear this from the so called “pundits” on the NBA or ESPN because they build all of these stars into “Supermen” and unfortunately, the fans and often the players themselves believe it.  As a biologist and one who played a lot basketball over the years it doesn’t take an anatomist and physiologist to look at James’ highly muscular physique which is partially genetic and partially due to his workout regime to see that such muscles require a tremendous amount of oxygen and because James handles the ball so much he expends an enormous amount of energy. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter if you are only twenty-five years old you only have so many games in your legs and your body each year especially at such a high level of competition. What most of the experts failed to pick up while watching these games was that Boston made James work really hard to get many of his shots. In those games James’ shots were often flat and his quickness diminished a normal sign of leg and muscle fatigue.  Was this the point where James realized he couldn’t win because he needed a lot more help to get to a championship level because he didn’t have enough left in his body to carry the team? James will most likely never admit that he didn’t have enough left in the tank because that would diminish his stature as one of the Supermen of the NBA but a close look at his mechanics and shots in the late rounds of the playoffs appear to tell a different story.

But what will diminish his fame and reputation no matter how many championships he wins in Miami or elsewhere is the manner of his leaving Cleveland not the fact that he left.  There is arrogance in recent years in among athletes in Professional American Sports that puts them above the game they are part of, and unfortunately it appears mainly in black athletes.  This is something that seriously needs addressed but I doubt if Stern or anyone in the major sports will take it on until it’s too late. James basically held “A Jesters Court.”  Unfortunately, for Cleveland they were the butt of the joke, intentional or unintentional-- it doesn’t matter.  Stern allowed this spectacle to happen but it’s reflection on the NBA is that their character is forever ruined.  No one should be above the game itself.  No one should be allowed to insult your former employer and in this case the fans that supported James.  Has anyone in the history of sports ever seen anything like this circus?  No! The egos involved here is one of the things that’s wrong with sports in America today.  Did Magic Johnson, or Larry Bird, Kareem Abdul Jabar, Jim Brown, Michael Jordon, Clyde Frazier, Mickey Mantle or any of the greatest athletes who have played sports pull a stunt like this?  The argument that these are different times is nonsense.  This was a classless act and lack of sportsmanship on the part of James and his cohorts.  They all put their egos, and self gratification above the game they played and the athletes in all sports that had come before them.  James disrespected the city of Cleveland and the fans who embraced him. James’ lack of sense of fairness in how this should have been done is astounding and those who advised him on this did not have his, Cleveland’s, or the NBA’s best interest in mind.  The people, city of Cleveland and the state of Ohio who are hard working deserve more respect than that and so did the NBA.  Instead they got the absolute worst possible scenario carried and promoted by ESPN and the sports world for a few extra bucks!   When James is 45 instead of 25 he will look back on this day in sadness.  You play the game whether it’s on an outdoor play ground as kid or at the NBA level to get the respect and fairness you don’t always find in everyday life.  But James forgot those principles and instead failed to do the same for the city and team that allowed him to play the game!

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Obama, Labor and the Middle Class

Obama promised labor he would be different. He promised labor he would restore their rights. He promised the Unions that they would have a say in their destiny.  Labor embraced him and gave him the needed victories in many states that brought him to the presidency.  So it’s been three months into his administration and what has the President who promised the labor unions and the middle class their dignity come up with.......SCREW THE LABOR MOVEMENT AND UNIONS!

The Employee Free Choice Act would allow the labor unions to bargain on an even playing field appears to be dead on arrival!   Obama has said nothing while the corporate whore of a senator the infamous, Senator Feinstein from California who was actually a cosponsor of the original bill is now against it.  It appears that the Obama and the dems are still owned by the corporate fascist Chamber of Commerce of the US and other industry groups.

Obama has done what he said he wouldn’t do...he has basically funded the corporations while screwing the middle class and labor.  Now even some of the middle class tax breaks are in jeopardy as democratic senators and congressman are given their marching orders from lobbyists of industry.

To all those out there who thought Obama would be different they were mistaken.  He is owned  by the same people who owned Bush and his gang.  It’s the American Way!  Corporations own America and no matter what the electorate says, the corporations never lose!

Perhaps the only method of getting these people’s attention is to do what is going in Europe from marches to holding executives hostage.  But that will never happen in America,  the land of sheep who believe in “magic leaders.”  Their lives are being destroyed and still they sit and hope for change while the corporations will never allow it to happen.  And Obama......well the middle class just got screwed again.  Did you really think you had a chance!

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